“Stephanie has created a wonderful yoga program for all abilities and ages.  The exercise level for someone used to yoga is equivalent to a gentle walk with the family, however, you can adjust the stretch and challenge yourself as you perform each pose. The value in Stephanie’s session rests in the parent-child connection to exercise.  My son enjoyed each pose, and the activities to supplement the yoga element of the sessions (activities such as Dance Freeze, and blowing bubbles); he left the class saying, “I really liked that, can we do it again?” We do yoga every morning now and he continues to ask how he can get involved in more exercise WITH me – THAT is the takeaway for me: the fact that my child and I found another way to connect and that the connection is through movement and healthy living.  I know that Stephanie’s class can do the same for you and your family.”

~Carmela Watts, Family Yoga

“I enrolled my 6 years old daughter for a family yoga class in the fall of 2018 at Steph Love Yoga. I cannot believe how much she enjoyed it, and the special thing about it is, I did it with  her! It was not all meditation, relaxing and stretching, as I initially thought, but it was very interactive. My daughter and I enjoyed all the fun things Steph added in her routine. We danced using scarves (my daughter’s favorite), we read books, we made our own dance interpretation, we played with dried leaves and we blow bubbles, all these fun things made the family yoga class with Steph an enjoyable one. We are looking forward for the next session.”

~Sylvia Pacardo, Family Yoga

“We had the pleasure of having Stephanie teach our 7 year old son and 5 year old daughter yoga over the summer. The kids looked forward to their classes every week, and they were so engaged in the lessons she delivered. She introduced them to the importance of mindfulness and breathing exercises, all the while helping them succeed at various yoga poses. We are so grateful for the invaluable learning that happened, and plan to sign up ;for more classes soon!”

~Martha Sleiman, Kids Yoga

“Stephanie is my favourite yoga teacher! She is very kind and fun! She helped me learn how to focus and breathe, and that has helped me in school. I really liked the stories she read at the end of each lesson, and the activities we did, like making a worry jar. Thank you Stephanie!”

~Taniel S., Kids Yoga

“I really, really liked your classes. They taught me to learn and know my body strength and challenges. I think many people should come. They were great and calming. I hope you do more classes. Thank you so much for hosting classes. You taught me to test my limits.”

~Olivia C., Tween & Teen Yoga

“I really liked doing the yoga with Steph. My favourite part was when we got to do it in pairs because we got to do it all together. I also liked how she did it with the little kids because she used stuffed animals to demonstrate the different poses.”

~Nauka M., Yoga for Youth at a Wellness Retreat in Blue Mountain

“Yoga in the Park is great! Steph introduces us to different poses and encourages us to try slight variations that our body feels most comfortably with no matter our yoga level. The pace is good, soothing, and doing yoga in the morning outdoors with the sky and grass around is such a great start to the day!”

~Catherine L., Yoga in the Park (Adult)

“Stephanie is a great teacher. I am a slightly more “advanced” student with classmates that were almost entirely beginners. Stephanie was able to offer appropriate poses and flows that could meet our diverse needs. I appreciated the suggestions and modifications that allowed all of us to practice yoga to the best of our own abilities.”

~Amy C., Yoga in the Park (Adult)